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Along the banks of the Conewango River is the beautiful and scenic town of Russel, PA. Located in Pine Grove Township within the heart of Warren County, the historic town has maintained its rural charm throughout its long history. The area is known for its rolling hills, pastoral scenes and its close proximity to the beautiful Allegheny National Forest. Real estate properties Russell PA provide easy access to these scenic areas.


The town named for Robert Russel, one of the area's earliest settlers, was first inhabited in the late 18th century. The earliest of settlers, trickled into the area slowly, establishing themselves in settlements within the heavily wooded frontier. The influx of settlers to the area become more rapid just after the war of 1812, when many more made the area their home. One such settler was Robert Russell, who appears in the early list of frontiersmen. Later, this early frontiersman became an important lumberman in the area, eventually giving his name to the small frontier village.

Parks and Recreation


Those who live in this beautiful small town will be presented with endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. The town is located in very close range to several natural bodies of water as well as the Allegheny National Forest. The town's proximity to the Conewango Creek and the Allegheny River provides residents with opportunities to enjoy fishing, canoeing and swimming.

The Allegheny National Forest also provides further opportunities for recreation. Here residents will enjoy activities, such as hiking, swimming, camping, boating, water sports and much more.

Sportsmen will be happy to note that there are State Game Lands located just north of the small town. These lands are rich in many game species but are particularly rich in water fowl.

With so many ways in which to enjoy the natural beauty of this scenic and diverse area, it is no wonder that residents are so eager to spend much of their time enjoying this beautiful region.

Attractions and Activities


The area is known for its rich and diverse woodlands, rolling hills, scenic views and beautiful waterways. However, the area also has several attractions of particular note, including several area golf courses. Residents can enjoy nearby courses, such as the Cable Hollow Course, just north of Russel, as well as the greens found at the Conewango Country Club, just south of the beautiful village.

The area's rich farmlands and natural scenic beauty make the region ideal for agro-tourism. In this rich region there are many beautiful sites to behold and also a smattering of farms which welcome visitors. Families will enjoy spending the day at a U-Pick farm, such as the Sunset Hill Farm, which is one among many such farms in the region.

This area is perfect for those who wish to make their home within a diverse and rich region filled with tranquil streams and immense natural beauty. For home buyers interested in buying a home in this wonderful segment of Warren County, Contact Jonathan Dushaw. Jonathan is an area expert and is aware of all of the currently listed homes for sale in Russell, PA's  real estate market. With his local expertise you will be guided towards homes in the area which will suit your needs. Contact Jonathan Dushaw today for more information on real estate in Russell, Pa.

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